The LARK Hotel Field Journal

A custom printed notebook for The LARK Hotel, in Bozeman, Montana.

I really loved doing this custom printed ScoutBook for the LARK Hotel. The journal has been both a very succesful marketing tool and check in take away item for the guests at the LARK. When I first presented this to the Lark last summer, the concept was a really fun travel journal to have in each hotel room. Then the client had an amazing idea of giving it to the guests as they checked in, with notes scrolled into it.  This book really fit into the mission of the LARK, which is to be the guests guide, locally and around Montana. And giving them this journal as they check in, starts that conversation. When guests check in the staff to write in custom notes, like directions to restaurants and more. But the big take away from this to me, is when the guest departs, the book has a life of it's own and provides a place for that person to take notes, sketch, and journal their thoughts. Besides loving journals and the many Field Notes I have laying around, I love the idea of a marketing piece that has that kind of mileage and a real use, not just a once over and throw that in the recycling bin. My mission is to create custom printed materials that are thought out and are useful. The next work in progress is a custom binder...
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