In 2005 & 2006 I was employed by Ames Bros in Seattle and they let me go hog wild on a few big projects. I worked together with Ames Bros to create an entire graphic package for these big music festival events. Bonnaroo is still happening every year,  but Vegoose only lasted about 3 years. These jobs were very big, we created program guides, stage graphics, ads, posters, websites, cd's and merch. I was responsible for art direction and graphics, while Ames Bros managed the client and creative direction. The Vegoose logo is the only graphic I did not create, it was actually designed by my brother Coby, but I love the logo and it was fun to work with. Here are some of the finished printed pieces that I could get my hands on.
Vegoose and Bonnaroo, 2005-2006
CD's & Program Guides
Client: Ames Bros & Superfly Productions
Vegoose 2005 Sweet Sounds Vol. 9 CD
Client: Ames Bros & Superfly Productions
Bonnaroo 2006 
Sweet Sounds Vol 11 CD & Program Guide
Client: Ames Bros & Superfly Productions
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